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"Self Energy Green" device that produces energy while walking and stores it until needed:
Word Isolating Educational Tool�
LagRag golf trainer:

Top Shelf for Flat Screen TV's:
"Sound Enhancer" adjustable head band:
Drill Paddle portable water paddle
powered by cordless drill:
Invis-A-Caulk caulk mixer:

Car Bidet do-it-yourself car-bottom washer

Universal Vehicle Window Vent:

Park -n- Mall Carry-All:

Car Bidet do-it-yourself car-bottom washer
Universal Vehicle Window Vent:
"CampAntics" board game:

The Bird Hospice:
QuadrAlert Gas Leak & Smoke Detector, by Scentech:
"Tolanizer" Muscle Toners and Exercisers: 
Rotal Weights �
Staple Master

�Don�t-Spill-It� Screwless Bottle Cap & Cork Replacement:

Flagpole with Solar Lights:

"Wallee Clip" Transparent Wall Mount Clip with J Hooks:

Tilt-A-Roll Toilet Tissue Holder:

"Switch Hook TM" Weedless Fishing Lure:

Copyrighted pictures and paintings with poems, for greeting cards, mugs, ceramic dishes, posters, T-shirts, etc.:

Concert Light:
Delta Plow foldable snow plow, mounted on a rear trailer hitch:

"Brodie's Skin Buffer" Electric Hand-held Grooming Tool:
The "G-Ring" barber's protective ring for haircare professionals:
Illuminated Car, Truck and SUV Lights:
Vinyl Edger �   handheld cutter:

Mechanic's Thread Cleaner:

"Cash Bag" Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with GPS Locator:
Folding Squeegee / Scraper with Glove:
Pillow Stow Storage Furniture:
"Tool Caddy" Tool Holder and Organizer Produced from Recycled Rubber:
Toilet Light Disinfectant and Scent Device:

Crocodile Bucket for Backhoes:

Mower Flush for Cleaning Lawnmower Decks:
Compressor Hoist:

Work Trim exercise device that connects to your office chair:
"Ladies Bar" with Blender:
Motion TV Wireless Handheld Remote Device: 
PRO CLAPPER Hand-Shaped Noisemaker:

Detachable Recline Brake for Motorcycles:

Football-shaped Extension Cord Clamp:

Single Vent Evaporative Cooler Diffuser Clap:
Universal Vehicle Window Vent:

"Power Box" Fully Retractable Extension Cord:

Collapsible Jack Stand:

Six-Point Retention Trapeze Bar Holder:
3-in-1 Business, Golf and Pleasure Dart Board:

Bathing Brush with Telescoping Handle and Ventilated Snap-On Cover:

Remote Control for Restroom Air Freshener:

Garden Hose Trigger Nozzle Guard:
Rock and Mulch Guard:

Hot Water Circulating System:

Aerobic Golf Cart with Pedals:
Perfect Pour Funnel:
ATV KLAW Interlocking Theft Deterrent:

Mirror of Time Clock and the Cross Clock:
"Air Handler" Toilet Ventilation Device:
"Plant Umbrella" Plant Protector:

Deck Punch for Punching Holes in Decking Material:
"Sandphibian" Convertible Beach Sand Chair:
"The Property Leash" Anti-Theft Device:
Front Access Picture Frame:

The Tag Bumper for Automobiles:

Level Ride for Lawnmowers:

"PowerBall � Gaming" Poker Game Using Tossed Balls:

High Hanger Hooker �:
2-in-1 Claw �:

Cereal Snacker:

Color Matching I.D.:

Back Valet lotion applicator:

"Auto Mower" Racecar Design Riding Lawnmower:

MopSee �: A New Kind of Clean:

"Plant Maid" Plant Watering System:

Telescopic Posthole Digger:

Back Right back brace
Laser Putter Golf Training Device:

Slide Away Work Top for Computers:

"Core Drilling" Method for Digging Holes:

Tape Tacks:

"Pour Thing"
Refrigerator Bottle-Pouring Device:
Automatic Pet Washing System:

Free-Standing Desk Organizer:
Shade Buddy TM Automotive Sun Visor:

Kooltronik Portable Fan:

"KelaTrap" Reservoir Device for Healthcare Facilities:
"Pour & Brush � " Paint Delivery System:
Double Vice Grips:
All-Terrain Chair:
Invention Mysteries books:
Headstone Holder:
EZ-TEAR3 � Paper Towel and Tissue Paper Holder

Vent Extender �: 
Memor-Ease Storage Box: 
"E-Z Hole TM"
Hydro Jet Excavation Hose Nozzle: 
"Crisp Keeper"
Household Food Container:
"Kar-Plow TM" Lightweight Snow Plow:

Re-Mind-Me � Training Pillow for Children:
Support Bracket for Garden Hose Attachments:

Brake Lights "On-Off" Control System:

Selective Glare Reduction Ocular:

Steering Wheel Desk:

Music Mat:
Cooling Container for Kegs:
Portable Automatic Golf Ball Teeing Device:
Ladder Station:

Butter Tub Holder:

Ball Slide TM
Ball Mount for Truck Hitches
WheelShield tm
Rim and Brake Cover:

Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatus (S.A.H.R.A.):

"Koodels TM" Moist Heat / Cool Pet Pad for Cats and Dogs:
The Only "Breathing Tennis Racket in the World:"

"Pet Run"
Method of Securing Your Dog:

Archi-Scrench Tool:
"Handi-Holder" Combination Food Holder:
Tool for Cutting Drywall:

Knee Protector:
Hod Trotter Brick-Hauling Wheel Barrow:

Multi-Purpose Tool Tray -- "Easy-Go:"

Stud Marker:
Easy Open Door Latch:
Mortise and Tenon Joint:

Coffee Filter Dispenser:
Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism:
Ladder Angel:
Hole in One -- The New Drywall Repair Kit:
Used Motor Oil Draining and Collecting Device:

Modular Alarm System:

Telescoping Louvered Window Insert:

Golf Stance Alignment Training Device:
Walking Workout Facility:

Card Game:

"Chain Tamer"
Case That Holds Chainsaw Chains:

Carpet Box Cutter:

The "Grappler" Animal Control Leash:
Medication Cart:

Top Master Device for Loosening Oil Filters, Opening Jars, etc.
Handiwise Recycling Cart:

The Painter's Ergo Tray:
Hygenix TM Anti-Splashback Urinal:

Family Recreational Game System:

Beach Body Brush:

Pick-up Truck Bed Extender:

Automatic Nail File:

PROLOOK � Perfect Sideburns:

Retractable Garden Hose:

Windshield Clearing and De-icing System:

"Easy-T" 4-Way Adjustable Picture Hanger:

The Hairlacer Hair-Styling Tool:

"Tu BOLT" Fastener (alternative to the traditional nuts, bolts and washers combination):
Bug Plucker:
"Secure Coin" Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Theft Bill Changer Alarm:

Ash Drain TM -- A Charcoal Grill Necessity:
Children's Fun Riding Toys:

Automated, Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:
"Magnetic Occasions" Decoration for Garage Doors:
Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler:

Doll Cape for Women /Rain Cape for Men:
Water Trachea Prevention Kit:

Christmas Tree Skirt Support:
Waste Water Carrier:

Temperature Comparison Circuit Device for Monitoring Heating and Cooling Systems:

Tab Top:

Dryer Exhaust Vent Tester:
Safety Driving Server:

Musical Potty Training Device:
Dish Drain Stand:
Bucket Pal� Bucket Attachment:
"Intelligent Line Disconnect" � Lightning Protection for Electronic and Electrical Equipment:  
Remote Control on a Leash:
"INSTALERT" Pocket-Sized Security Device:
Roadside Message Board:
"Candlier" Candle Holder for an Electric Chandelier:
Basement Security Window:
Heart-Shaped Pizza Pan:
"Clip-on-ument" Flower Holder for Gravesites:
Hospital Bed with Built-in Bed Pan Included:
Easy Ride Skateboard:
Slide N' Glide TM Photo Holder:
Easy Trash Bagger TM -- A Yard Maintentance Tool:
Target Base TM:
Triple Brush Gum Blaster:
Worm Klamp Plastic Clip:
Boat Docking Product:
Cap Lamp:
Master Interlocking Nail System:
X-Pel Clear Paint Protection Kit:
X-Pel Clear Headlight Protection Kit:

"Caulkmate" Storage Box for Tubular Caulk Containers:
Portable Thermal Shower -- The "Trunk Shower:"
Improved Writing Instrument:
Tree Watering Device:
Table Top Game:

Folding Chair with Self-Storable Tray:
Blind Spot Side Mirror:
Sander Sucker Adapter Kit:
The Furniture Saver:
Retractable Self-Stowing Greenhouse:
Game Carcass Spreader:
Portable, Adjustable Holder for Plastic Grocery Bags:
Eccentric Sighter for Firearms:

Americana Collection of Wall Carvings and Designs:
Lawnmower Blade Removal Tool:
Rotatable Reloading Roundtable / Electrical Equipment Table:
Vehicle Steering Offset Monitor:

Interactive Security System:
Tree Shelf Temporary Shelf:

"Aerobike" Exercise Device and Auxiliary Power Unit For Use With Bicycle:
"Roll-A-Bath" Combination Portable Sofa and Bathing Unit:
Collator for Sports Cards and Collectible Cards:

Pre-Electric Shaving Formula:
Adjustable Self-Locking Crow Foot Wrench:
Can Hugger: 
Paint Roller Cleaner: 
The Bush Bib:
Crockpot Liner:
Acrylic Glass Antique Tub:
Fitness Promotional Item -- The Pocket-Sized Gym:
Car Seat Locking Device:
"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:
Taxi Management Board Game:
Self-Leveling Window Bracket:
Simulated Brick Chimney Block:
Automatic Fish Feeder:
Pin Point Putter:
Fly and Insect Trap:
Pelvic Traction Belt Extender:
The Invisible Spotter:
Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree:
Bleeder Valve Assembly:
The "Lawn Chair Buddy" Attachment for Lawn Chairs:

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