"Easy-T" 4-way Adjustable Picture Hangers:  U.S. Patents: 
    Flush mounting security frames and hardware
6,062,525    Picture frame hanger
5,947,438    Picture frame hanger having vertical and horizontal adjustability
5,931,439    Frame support
5,806,826    Picture hanger

The following inventions are for picture frames and picture hangers that have adjustability and locking capabilities. Another invention for a picture frame back has been "allowed" and will be issued shortly. 

The unique capabilities of these products make it easy for consumers to hang their pictures, mirrors, and plaques with precision; and, to also lock them in place for safety and security. Some of these products are displayed at the web site www.888hangman.com

These were hung with the "Easy-T" 4-way adjustable hanger:

This shows an aluminum frame with "On-Track" hangers in the four corners. As you can see, the tracks are not level, yet the picture itself is level and locked onto the wall. Long aluminum frames are not easy to hang on a wall; they are so flimsy that they bow and often need to be supported in the middle. With the "On-Track" hangers, the frames can have any number of supports. They can even have side-locking capability.


Spring-loaded flush hanging system:

This is a typical result of the "Easy-T" 4-way adjustable hangers. This 6- picture grouping was hung in no time on the first try with the "Easy-T" 4-way adjustable hangers. All of the pictures are perfectly level and have the same space between them: 

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee

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The inventor also has a laser-related invention available for licensing: 
U.S Patent # 5,876,339  Apparatus for optical breast imaging 

Inventor:  Robert Lemire, P.O. Box 299, Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone: (631) 979-1939
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