"Property Leash" Flexible Personal Property Security Strap, available for license:  U.S. Patent # D509065

The Property Leash anti-theft device is the first commercial product designed specifically to prevent purse snatching:


Property theft, such as purse snatching. A person who carries a personal bag of any kind is susceptible to theft through such methods as robbery, stealing mugging, or deception. People at times are clueless and unaware of the crimes against them. They are oblivious to the potential of theft. Casinos pose as a very easy target because of the loud, large, crowded rooms which make crimes like purse snatching so easy to accomplish. For most people, one�s bag contains crucial and vital personal belongings that are irreplaceable. Furthermore, in this technological age, identity theft is a growing concern and a loss of one�s personal bag (where many people keep their I.D.) can be devastating. 


Designed specifically to end the theft of purses, book bags, brief cases, etc., at such locations as casinos and airports (where �purse-snatching� is rising at an alarming rate). �The Property Leash� secures the owner to his or her property, which is the key to its design and its ability to offer protection, even if a perpetrator tries to force an item from the user. A device designed specifically to combat purse-snatching and other crimes of that nature. The Property Leash can be applied to any type of purse or bag and makes it nearly impossible to remove that purse or bag by anyone other than the owner. The Property Leash is the missing link in your personal protection.

How to use with a purse:

Situations of use:

The Property Leash allows someone to place a bag or any other object next to him or her on the floor, i.e. in a casino or restaurant, and eliminate the possibility of theft. Summer festivals, concerts, amusement parks, vacation spots, etc. � all have potential �purse snatchers.� Someone who falls asleep on a train or bus now has the security to sleep and not worry. The Property Leash does the looking out for them. In addition, it can be used while walking to prevent �bump and run� type thefts by creating an unbroken chain between the user and the property. It is NOT advised to use The Property Leash when the user is alone and without friends or when in a public place because The Property Leash is meant to draw attention to a crime and alert others for assistance. Walking alone down a dark street is not a proper location for use. As it stands, the only protection a person has is to put their bag�s strap over their head and shoulder or around their leg under a table (which requires you to keep that foot planted on the floor at all times to keep really protected). This creates a dangerous situation. One can become disoriented, off-balance or put into a position where they are unable to defend themselves against theft or injury if someone grabs their bag. If an attacker were to yank against someone while they were strapped to their bag this way, their defense is greatly decreased and injury might occur. Needing to keep a constant eye peeled for your bag or walking away from a bag and forgetting it or will now be a thing of the past.  The Property Leash adds security to anyone wherever they go. The Property Leash is compact and small enough to fit into a pocket or any bag that needs protection. Multiple colors can be offered to go with different outfits and different bags. Different sizes in the length and width of the strap can be made with jewelry type bindings or studding. Anywhere a person goes, they now have a tool to help them fight crime and gain a sense of security. And because The Property Leash fits into any bag needing protection, it is always there to protect. In the future, these types of crimes could become too much of a risk for a criminal because of the added force, time and punishment needed to take someone�s property. �Purse Snatcher� might be a term we never need to use again.

For example: At a casino, a woman can comfortably use The Property Leash while gambling and not worry about her purse being stolen by someone or even from a group of people pulling a scam to steal her purse. In both situations, she would be alerted to any outside force touching her bag. In addition, walking away for a second from her purse after a while of playing the slots is enough time to become a victim. The Property Leash now acts as a warning signal not to forget her bag or at least to not walk too far from it or else she will start to drag her bag across the casino floor with her, either way, solving the problem. 

With casinos as the primary introductory market, much time and money is saved. Casinos have problems with purse theft. The market is there, but there is no product to satisfy it yet. The natural relationship between The Property Leash and a casino will allow for maximum introductory sales with little or no advertising needed. The word of mouth created by The Property Leash being used by someone in a casino will spark interest and those interested people can buy one in the gift shop. Most importantly, the ability to bring a purse or bag to a slot machine or gaming table means there is more money in their possession and that means more money to spend at the casino. With quick manufacturing and by releasing The Property Leash in such a small controlled environment, research and development is simplified. Within the first year of release, all the demographic information needed will be readily available, not to mention the already established and tested demographics, research and development information already compiled for and by the casinos. Plus, all casinos already have extensive and superior security camera systems that will most likely catch a potential purse snatching foiled by The Property Leash on tape, creating a sales video and/or commercial that is priceless. With millions of tourists, sales will be to a diverse group and the information gained will be crucial for future sales. In addition, with the wide array of people from all over the country and the world who walk though a casino each year, expanding outward is done automatically. When tourists return home, they will spread the word of mouth at no extra cost and to more places than traditional advertising can reach. Through that word of mouth, interested future customers can purchase The Property Leash at the gift shop or they can access further information and purchase one through one of the web sites the inventor currently owns as well as an investing company�s web page (if available). From there, such venues as home shopping networks are ideal venues for sales.


The limit of how many people The Property Leash is appropriate for is unknown because there are few people who it doesn�t apply to. Most people -- men, women, children, elderly, wealthy, poor, famous or reclusive -- have personal property that they wish to protect. The potential demographic, at that rate, is everyone. With the average family, there are an unknown number of items that need protection. There is even potential for people who need to match each bag with a similar color leash and then again with their outfit, adding to the total number of units sold per person / per household. Hopefully, The Property Leash will become a staple to the casino experience, making The Property Leash�s demographics equivalent to the total number of daily casino patrons.

Raw materials used from making The Property Leash:

Manufacturing cost of The Property Leash is only $1.50 (buying all raw materials in bulk). The assumed retail price for The Property Leash is $14.95.

How is it made?

A nylon strap that is looped at both ends (nylon strapping is soft to the skin but other materials can be used). Both ends are secured at each loop individually with stitching (or another form of binding, such as rivets). Inside the body of nylon tube a metal chain (chain linking) runs throughout the length of the entire strap. The gauge of the chain is to be of a small enough size to allow the strap to be as naturally pliable as possible yet still durable. The chain is sewn inside the nylon to prevent the chain from chinking or sliding around the inside of the strap. The chain makes it virtually impossible to cut through, even with wire cutters, box cutters, scissors and other cutting tools. There is a Velcro strap, stitched into place, perpendicular to the main body, to act as a bundling strap when The Property Leash is not in use.

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How the idea was conceived:

The inventor�s inspiration for �The Property Leash� came from something he experienced as a young man. His mother was a victim of a purse snatcher and her pain from that occurrence was burned into his memory, ever nagging him to find a solution to this crime. Years later and after many prototypes, �The Property Leash� was conceived.

The goal of the inventor is to eradicate this devastating crime. Purse theft alone can ruin an individual, especially in this day of identity theft. In addition, there is a violated feeling to be stolen from, anger at yourself for letting it happen and sadness for some of those cherished things we carry with us, and close to us, that may never be returned. Hopefully, with the help of �The Property Leash,� keeping a constant and annoying eye on your bag will be a thing of the past. And, more importantly, to protect people from having to experience such an ugly reality.

�The Property Leash:  The first leash designed for humans.�

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