Portable, Adjustable Holder for Plastic Grocery Bags:

This portable, adjustable plastic bag suspension device hooks onto a cupboard drawer or door for holding grocery bags and standard kitchen garbage bags of various sizes. When the drawer or door is closed, the bag is positioned under the counter top and debris from the counter can be easily wiped into the bag and not the floor.


Save a tree! Our environment will love this new product!

Grocery Stores will want to sell the Portable, Adjustable Holder for Plastic Grocery Bags! (Paper bags are more expensive and take up much more space than plastic bags.) This product may help convert many "paper bag" customers to plastic.

Interesting facts from www.PlasticBag.com:

Compared to paper grocery bags, plastic grocery bags:

Inventor:  Jason Kyte, Intek Solutions Inc.; 3539 St-Charles, Suite 165, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3C4
Phone (514) 695-6103
E-mail:  inteksolutions@videotron.ca

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