Self Energy Green is a new product available for sale or license that can produce energy while walking and store it until needed to charge various electronic devices.

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Self Energy Green is a device attached to a uniquely designed sole insert that can be placed in the bottom of shoes to produce energy with each step and store it in the device. This innovative product can then be removed from the shoe and plugged in to charge various electronics, such as mp3 players, smart phones, and laptops, without the need for an electrical wall outlet. All different styles of shoes, including running shoes, boots, dress shoes, and casual shoes, can easily house this small device and sole insert. This product can provide individuals with a convenient and environmentally friendly method to reducing their electrical energy usage.

Most people use multiple electronic devices, such as cell phones and smart phones, electronic tablets, music players, and laptops, throughout the day. All of these devices, however, require the user to charge their batteries via electrical power outlets. Without realizing it, individuals can use an abundance of electricity to do this, which can be costly and harmful to the environment. Additionally, the charging of these devices requires the user to be at home or, at least, within the reach of an electrical outlet. An effective solution is necessary.  

Self Energy Green can be inserted into shoes to create and store energy while individuals walk to be used to charge portable electronic devices. This unique product can compromise a small micro-turbine and a sole insert. The sole can have an air cushion that can pump air into a micro-generator as the individual takes a step. Air can then flow through a small air tube to the micro-turbine. The micro-turbine can then generate power. When the unit is removed from the shoe, the power can then be used to charge any electronic, portable device simply by plugging in to it. The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of Self Energy Green may vary upon manufacturing.

Prototype available upon request. The inventor is looking to sell or license his invention.

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