Children's Fun Riding Toys:

Bronco Bucko Bull & Friends:

Here are close-up pictures of each riding toy:

Bronco Bucko Bull:
 Bug-Eye Bouncy Frog:
Palomeeno Pony:
Bunny Buddy Blue:

Children's Fun Riding Toys are a series of fun animal riding toys designed for children 4 years old and older. 

Bronco Bucko Bull & Friends was brought to a number of daycare locations and classrooms for the children to use; shown below are some of their comments:

When asked how much they would expect to pay for Bronco Bucko Bull & Friends, the replies ranged from $35 -- $50.

The Bronco Bucko Bull & Friends are made of pliable solid foam rubber. The oval-shaped design provides stability and balance, while preventing unnecessary "roll-over."

The exterior cover is made of heavy vinyl, with a double layer on the bottom of the animals to protect from wear and tear. Each animal has identical bells around its neck, while each animal's eyes are of the same color and design. Children hold the reins while riding.

The dimensions of each animal's body are the same (except for their heads), resulting in cost savings in the production process. Bronco Bucko Bull & Friends can be produced in a number of colors using non-toxic paint.

The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor: Ms. Flossie Taylor
Phone:  (803) 749-5105

since November 26, 2001