Rotal Weights

Rotal Weights :

The Rotal Weights produce quick, noticeable results, enabling the user to work muscles in their natural and full range of motion. The user's muscle power is combined with weight rotation and centrifugal force to produce balanced conditioning for the entire body. Rotal Weights improve muscle development and can maintain cardiovascular fitness through graceful, aerobic movement. The Rotal Weights come in two- and three-pound weight sizes. 

The Rotal Weights are unique, in that they give proper balance to the user wanting to extend and maximize weight leverage and to improve muscular toning by working muscles in their natural and full range of motion; Not only do the Rotal Weights out perform all other traditional hand-weights used in aerobics, the Rotal Weights have been precision made specifically to assist and enhance one's workout by utilizing weight rotation and centrifugal force.  The unique design is unlike any other exercise weights, making the Rotal Weights a hand-weight aimed at improving your physical condition while perfecting your grace and movement through aerobics.

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Inventor:  Harry E. Dantolan, 3400 W. 111th  Street, Suite 329, Chicago, IL 60655-3330
Phone:  (773) 779-4060
E-mail:  [email protected] or visit his main web site at:

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