Ash Drain TM -- A Charcoal Grill Necessity:

While charcoal grilling is the finest method of grilling it requires the most effort. Unwanted are the chores of cleaning the grill and disposing of the ashes. 

What is needed is an Ash Drain. The Ash Drain is a specially-designed funnel that fits below the bowl of a charcoal grill. It contains a removable ash filter and a waste hose. One size fits most all grills.


Before each use, the barbecue grill is sprayed down with water from a garden hose:

The water and ash slurry created at the bottom of the grill exits through the air duct ports at the bottom of the grill and flows into the Ash Drain:



The ash/water slurry runs through a filter tray (which sifts out any larger unburned coals) and is then discharged though a conduit that leads away from the barbecue area. The slurry, which is essentially carbon, can be discharged onto the lawn or garden area where it fertilizes, the garden. This procedure is done when the ashes are dead so that all of the ashes can be eliminated and no problem with steam damaging the porcelain finish of the grill is created.

Using the Ash Drain keeps the grill clean and eliminates all of the ashes easily and efficiently in less than one minute. It is attractive, and functional. 

My prototypes are fabricated from copper. I believe that the ash drain could be mass produced in aluminum or heat resistant plastic. The ash drain can be made "grill specific", or in a "universal" design that fits would fit different size grills. My patent application covers other methods of attachment, including a means of suspending the ash drain below a grill with straps that connect onto the bowl of the grill.

Please call should you have any interest in this patent-pending product.

Inventor:  Larry Koncelik, Jr., 10 Gingerbread Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937
Phone: (631) 324-9800
E-mail: [email protected]

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