Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatas: (S.A.H.R.A.)  U.S. Patent #  6,446,731

A Fireman's Best Friend:

Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatas:

The Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatas is a small but efficient vacuum. It is a tube with a very strong (21,000 cfpm blower in this model) blower built on top of a vehicle such as a Jeep or a Humvee because they can go most anywhere. The tube, when activated, can extend out about 30 feet. When the operator stops at a burning house, he pushes a lever that sends the tube through a window or door and activates the blower, sucking out heat and smoke. It can remove heat and smoke from a 7-room house (20,000 sq. ft. building) in less than a minute. The fire fighters can enter the building to remove potential victims.

3,040 people lost their lives in 2001 and 165,000 suffered severe burns. 10 fire fighters lost their lives as well. This must stop. In order to prove his case, the inventor needs to build a prototype, which costs approximately $75,000, and he needs your help.

He has contacted several fire truck manufacturers and they all agree that this is a well-crafted machine. If they knew there was a market for this, they would be willing to look into it further. They would like to see a prototype of it and have it tested.

If you would like to help and possibly save many lives, please send your donation to:

Inventor:  Joe Sorosky, 12782 Woodland Dr., Longmont, CO 80504
Phone:  (303) 776-3490; FAX:  (303) 678-0733

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