Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler:  U.S. Patent # 5,630,750

Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler:

Introducing for license or sale a handy new battery powered fish scaler:
This cordless, rechargeable fish scaler assembly that makes it easy to remove fish scales. The primary objective of the Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler is to save both time and effort by making the job much easier whether at the lake, on the boat or at home. It is a ruggedly constructed and highly portable fish scaler that easily fits in a fishing tackle box or other equipment. It features a handle assembly that can include at least two types of battery charging systems. It is an extremely effective fish scaling device that uses rotating and reversible blades for removing the scales. In addition, it is made to be buoyant in case it falls overboard.

Present hand scalers and electric devices are either time-consuming or expensive: 
The electric devices are often expensive and not very portable. This problem pointed out a need that led the inventor, Michael Byrd, to the development of the Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler. His invention provides the ultimate in convenience and efficiency when it comes to cleaning fish. It saves time and helps to make the job easier and makes fishing more enjoyable. It is easy-to-use, even by those relatively inexperienced. Still further, the inventor has provided a handy strap and a buoyant carrying case.

It is a scaling device that can be made in sizes and styles to fit any need or special application: 
The design used by the inventor is simple and uncomplicated. This simplicity will enable the Cordless, Rechargeable Fish Scaler to be easily and inexpensively mass-produced at a very affordable price. It is a fish-cleaning accessory that has been awarded a United States Patent, and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

It is a cleaning tool that fills a real need for both fresh and salt water anglers. Once introduced, consumer acceptance should be immediate. Marketing will include using existing outlets within the sporting goods section of department & discount stores and is ideal for sale in bait shops and marinas. It is easily packaged and shipped, allowing it to be attractively offered in many specialty catalogues. It is a portable and rechargeable scaler that opens up a new and highly profitable product line, with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

THIS IS AN INVENTION IN WHICH THE INVENTOR HAS USED SIMPLICITY AND CAREFUL PLANNING IN ITS BASIC DESIGN. Because of this, the design is practical and consideration has been given to manufacturing technique. It is a product that offers some unique possibilities and one which warrants serious consideration from manufacturers in this industry.

Inventor:  Michael Byrd, 4215 Gorman Street, S.E., Washington, DC 20019-4927
Phone:  (202) 581-5266
E-mail:  [email protected]

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