Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism:

The clever Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism lets you know in advance how many seconds it will be before the light turns to the next color (green, yellow or red). The digital display matches the color of the signal.

Product Summary:

The Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism includes a signal assembly with a red stop light, a green go light, and a yellow caution light. The countdown indicator includes a digital display that counts down the remaining time in seconds until the next signal change occurs. 

The countdown indicator includes a battery backup assembly that includes an optional backup battery that permits functioning of the traffic signal during power outages; a solar panel economically helps maintain the charge of the backup battery. A microprocessor in the battery backup assembly receives information from the signal assembly, processes that information, and controls the digital display parameters. If the signal assembly relies upon traffic sensors and can abruptly change the remaining time that is being shown by the digital display, the digits of the digital display flash to inform a driver of this potentiality. According to a modification, a flashing caution light is attached to the digital display and it flashes whenever there is potential that the remaining time can suddenly change in a manner that violates the normal countdown sequence.


  1. L.E.D. Monitor
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supply
  3. Solar Panel
  4. Radio Frequency Receiver
  5. Cycling Immobilization
  6. Adjustable Display (On Y Axis Only)
  7. Visor (Optional)

L.E.D. Monitor:

L.E.D. Monitor is a reliable and energy efficient display that provides an excellent display from the proper distance.

Uninterruptible Power Supply: (U.P.S.) 

Uninterruptible Power Supply provides power during blackouts, and protects against power surges. The UPS give the device maximum life span on circuitry, and built on components.

Solar Panel:

The solar panel provides constant power though the course of the day. By doing this we make the device self powered and energy efficient, since the device is not tied into an existing power line it�s not subject to harmful power surges an electrical interference.

Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver:

The Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver is can provide a secure frequency to change the light cycle to aid in emergency vehicles, police patrol vehicles, and other public service vehicles to control traffic flow.

Cycling Immobilization:

The Cycling Immobilization is a device that allows (circuit cycling monitoring), by doing this we enable (Auto Count), because the street lights are controlled by switchboards, whenever a change is made in the switchboard the device will detect the change and automatically change the count time by clocking the light cycle once. When it completed its clocking, it will start to continue counting, with the new count cycle.

Inventor:  Damon Simon
Phone:  (510) 932-9976 or (707) 745-1208

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