Level Ride Stabilizing Seat Device for Lawnmowers:

The Level Ride Stabilizing Seat Device for Lawnmowers features a pivoting seat apparatus for most riding lawn mowers. The device provides a seat that remains level when the riding lawn mower moves over banks and hills. Notice how the seat remains level even though the lawn mower is on the side of a hill. 

Here's how it works:

A bottom plate is connected generally level with the main body of the riding lawn mower.  The original seat springs can be attached between the bottom of the plate and the body to provide shock absorption. A top plate is connected to the bottom plate at pivoted connections at the front and rear of the bottom and top plates.  Therefore the bottom and top plates can be pivoted with respect to each other. There is a brake plate that can be activated  in order to prevent movement of the top plate with respect to the bottom plate when the rider is on level ground and he doesn't want the seat to pivot. A handle is connected to the brake plate in order to activate the brake plate manually.  Over a two-year period of modifications and use, the inventor has seen that this new product offers improved comfort and ease in operating riding lawn mowers and other types of equipment. 

Inventors:  Harold and Sonnie Osborn
Phone:  (417) 337-8196
E-mail:  harson@highstream.net

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