Patented "Ladies Bar" with an integral cocktail blender; available for license  U.S. Patent # 6,196,712

The slightest movement on its gear rack spins the blender (in both directions) to and fro in a gliding manner. It mixes the contents (liquids), ELIMINATING THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY OF SHAKING THE MIXER IN FRONT OF THE CHEST OR OVER YOUR SHOULDER.

Make a selection, and always glide the blender with you. Pour your liquid of choice from selected bottles lined up on the "balcony" above and proceed until you have your cocktail complete as you like it. By then, after one or two more movements, the blended cocktail is ready to be served. 

Lift the mixing glass out of the holder and pour into a cocktail glass or two or three. 

FULL LENGTH:  54 inches wide

"Ladies Bar:"

Thinking of elegance and fineness, the "Ladies Bar" is indeed very unique, absolutely stirring in its slim design, technique and performance. The ONLY BAR by an ingenious device (not visible) gracefully balanced out on its own two legs, and the blender of this concept is the only one for domestic OR commercial use. 

It glides in an upright position, on a single horizontal track. When dressed up with its two lighted compartments, it is a very pretty sight! Designed for consumers, the blender unit can also be marketed to casinos, bars, fine restaurants, clubhouses, cruise ships, etc. The blender unit is also is noiseless, it is sturdy, and it adapts to any gear rack of any length.

Bar with a cocktail mixer: Main part (front view) ...

Bar with a cocktail mixer: (back view) ...

Bar with a cocktail mixer: (side view) ...

Bar with a cocktail mixer: Strainer & mixing glass ...

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee

Inventor:  Gunter von Elm
E-mail:  [email protected]