"E-Z Hole " Hydro Jet Excavation Hose Nozzle

The "E-Z Hole " Hydro Jet Excavation Hose Nozzle digs a hole under sidewalks easily. It eliminates the back-breaking pain of digging with a shovel. It's easy to use, and it attaches to any hose. 

The "E-Z" Hole is especially handy for installing drip irrigation systems, and it has a shut-off valve which allows it to conserve water. 

The "E-Z" Hole is market-ready:

The market for the "E-Z" Hole includes: 

The "E-Z" Hole helps dig holes for the following applications:

  • hard soil
  • drip systems
  • underground probe
  • tunneling and digging
  • boring under walks and drives
  • corral posts
  • fence posts
  • sign posts
  • stakes
  • tree supports

Inventor:  George Magnera

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