Patent-pending Sound Enhancer invention available for sale or license:

The Sound Enhancer is a device that has an adjustable head band with a angled flange on each end and when placed over the head the ends come in contact with the top of each ear applying pressure to bend the ear forward. The incoming sound is redirected to focus  directly to the ear for more clearer pickup. The fact that the ear is partially covered helps reduce the ambient sound in the air as well. Just try cupping your ears to hear for yourself how the sound is enhanced over regular sound pickup.


The surfaces of the ends that contact the ear are padded for comfort and are pivotal for proper alignment to the ear. It takes just seconds to put on and or remove and requires no batteries for power. It is completely safe and natural because nothing goes into the ear.  

Ideal for live concerts, watching television, lectures, movies, and any activity where you just want to hear a little better. The Sound Enhancer captures the entire sound spectrum making every note crystal clear as the sound appears to come alive.

Sample available for inspection. Patent pending.

Please contact Jerry Kardach, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172
Phone:  (414) 762-9432  
[email protected]

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July 20, 2011