Modular Alarm System:  U.S. Patent #: 6,249,223

Key Benefits: 

The Modular Alarm System's "smart" system communicates the between Control Panel to the Sensor and the Sensor back to the Control Panel. These components include sensors, alarms, controls for lights, etc. and a control panel. On power-up, the control panel will poll the AC line to find out which devices are present and what they do. A telephone connection is available whereby the control panel can call (connect) with a remote monitoring service, if this is desired, or the system can be entirely stand-alone.

A "simple" system (as opposed to a "smart" system) may consist of the following parts: 

Additional applications could include motion sensors, mounted inside an electric light switch fixture on the wall, similar to motion sensors presently found in many bathrooms and closets. Most homes have travel patterns throughout the home, entryways, hallways, room entries, etc. This allows the sensor to communicate with the control panel, test itself and, if the control panel is armed, the panel may communicate to the sensor, causing the sensor to turn lights on or even cause lights to flash on/off, bells to sound and the monitoring service to be notified. Vacation packages can be programmed to perform varies duties.

Benefits of licensing the Modular Alarm System:

The Modular Alarm System scored a 93 out of a possible 107 on a recent independent evaluation (of its marketability and licenseability potential).

Inventor:  Dean Christensen
Phone:  (415) 458-2976

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