Park -n- Mall Carry-All is a new product available for license:

The Park -n- Mall Carry-All lets you carry all those items that you pick up at shopping malls and amusement parks, and it stores them for you until you're ready to leave. Until now, your only option was to rent a locker -- if the mall or amusement park even has one -- or make several trips to the car carrying your items. As any mom with little kids will tell you, this is not always easy to do.

Using the Park -n- Mall Carry-All at malls and amusement parks is the most common use of it, but it has many other uses as well. Its frame is similar to that of a shopping cart, but it is covered by a weatherproof material which keeps rain and snow from leaking inside the Carry-All protecting your valuables in the process.

The Park -n- Mall Carry-All holds your extra clothes, cell phones, laptops, cameras, purses, etc. It also has two ways to lock it: The entire Park -n- Mall Carry-All locks, and it also locks to  a bench or post. As a result, the entire family can go on a ride or see some other sight without the hassle of logging all your belongings with you. Also, since the Mall Carry-All stores your camera and other electronic devices, there's no need to worry about the rides which say "You will get wet on this ride."

In addition to using the Park -n- Mall Carry-All at malls and amusement parks, it is also ideal for everyday use for the elderly and the handicapped!

Markets include:

It also gives malls and amusement parks another selling point as to why consumers should choose their mall and amusement park over the competition.

Figure 1:


Figure 1:  Side view:

10. canvas material surrounding frame
11. mesh pouch for bathing suits
12. handle with soft grip
13. frame of carry-all
14. legs which fold down
15. wheels
16. locking feature for back wheels
17. straps go around top to secure items
18. buckle on straps
19. zipper on front of carry-all, and on top (both zippers lock)
21. lock for carry-all

Figure 2:


Figure 2:  Top view:

17. straps
18. buckle or straps
19. zipper along top, sipper in front
20. handle
21. lock on top of carry-all
26. front of carry-all

Figure 3:

Figure 3: Bottom view:

12. handle with soft grip
22. legs for rear wheels
23. rear wheels (fold down)
24. legs for front wheels (fold down)
25. front wheels
26. carry-all is tipped on its front
27. post
28. lock for post

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Inventor:  Susan Bruner