Front Access Picture Frame:  U.S. Patent # 5,659,991

The Front Access Picture Frame is a patented new picture frame invention that allows for a very decorative display, plus the advantage of changing pictures with greater ease and in much less time than with conventional picture frames. The picture frame that mounts into these openings can be easily removed or mounted with 3 simple steps that takes as little as one second to perform! Also, the device that holds the picture frame in the plaque also holds the back of the picture frame, allowing for quicker and easier removal of the picture from the frame. 

The Patented Front Access Picture Frame has many applications, one of which is for parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They are constantly displaying the latest pictures of their children, grandchildren, and other family members. 

It consists of a plaque that mounts to a wall with one or more openings for picture frames. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, numbers of picture frames, and even the types of material used to make the product.



The back side of the Front Access Picture Frame (shown here) is much easier to remove than conventional picture frames:

Inventor:  Darrell Kennedy
Phone:  630-217-8548
[email protected]