Music Mat:  U.S. Patent # 4,841,587

The Music Mat is a versatile and fun item for the beach, exercise or just plain relaxing at home. The Music Mat is a padded mat with an attached pillow that gives the user comfort on a hard surface and music without the use of headphones. It can be dry-cleaned or washed and is made of durable material. The pillow contains two speakers on each side, providing stereo sound when plugged into a walkman powered by batteries. The Music Mat comes folded up like a tote to carry your accessories. Also, the Music Mat was one of the semifinalists of Hammacher Schlemmer Search for Invention Contest in 1998.

When folded up, it looks like this: 



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Inventor:  John E. Carter, 3303 Wabash Avenue, New Albany, IN 47150
Phone:  (812) 945-1802
[email protected]

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