Safety Driving Server:  U.S. Patent # 5,698,827

The Driving Server shows whether a driver is operating safely or unsafely.

Driving Server:

We have maximized our use of today's technology to create a product that truly promotes and enhances safe driving skills with practice rather than with theory.

If a driver gets into a situation where a sudden braking and/or turning is required to avoid an accident, a brief sound of "squealing tires" would be triggered automatically to caution everyone nearby that a vehicle is fast approaching. This could also be a warning to the other drivers and/or pedestrians to be more careful.

Of course, drivers should avoid emergency situations and not cause them: that's why a Driving Server has a special device which can evaluate, calculate, and display information about driving performance for the last driving trip.

Maintaining a green-light driving status indicates that the driver is operating smoothly and safely. This is in stark contrast to the rough driver who maintains a red-light driving status. A yellow-light driving status warns the driver to be more gentle in the operation of the vehicle.

It works very well in cars, buses and trucks.

Anti-theft protection is offered as well:

If someone touches your automobile in the parked position the special sensor will trigger a brief chirp. A loud alarm would go off only after the engine starts and would sound continuously during driving if your vehicle is driven by a thief or a carjacker. 

No switches or controls. It is self-acting. No installation is necessary. 

It is battery-operated. Try it first. If you like it, you can hook it up to the auto battery.

What the auto industry won't tell you:

Being equipped with air bags, seat belts, and ABS has very little to do with a car's ability to avoid accidents. Actually, it has just the opposite results. Because drivers feel safer, they tend to drive in a more risky fashion.

The automobile equipped with ABS eliminates the readily audible sound of "squealing tires" so commonly associated with hard rapid braking. Consequently, nearby drivers and pedestrians are not alerted to imminent danger. In today's commercials, we can see that modern automobiles accelerate faster, stop more quickly, and turn more safely (at high speeds). "Automatic Safety Protection" and "Automatic Crash Protection" also encourage drivers to believe that today's automobiles are safer. Drivers may be able to execute dangerous maneuvers more quickly, but this quick maneuvering actually causes accidents. Constant rough, quick braking is the main cause of premature deterioration of the motor vehicle. Many drivers falsely believe that accidents can be prevented by driving a so-called "safe automobile." The reality is that smooth braking is the most effective factor in making an automobile safe.

New technology could also work in the driver's favor.

For many people, driving doesn't seem to require any special thinking. This system changes the driver so that it feels like an "automatic" ability. The driver will learn to drive more safely without even realizing it. For example: The driver will slow down when proceeding to an intersection where sudden, rapid braking is probable, and will maintain a proper following distance in fear of triggering the emergency warning sound.

The truth is that 98% of all accidents are preventable. When two vehicles are about to crash into each other, and both drivers are short of time to stop it, then a collision will follow. But if one of the two drivers has enough time to stop it, the accident can be avoided. 

The Driving Server can train drivers to do just that. Drivers have been evaluating this device in terms of its ability to improve driving, and they indicated that the longer they were driving with a Driving Server, the more they liked it.

Not only can this tool ensure the safety and prosperity of your family or your company, but it can also create stress-free driving and a smooth ride for passengers.

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee

Inventor:  Vasil Turjancik, c/o Safety Driving Service, 243 Ackerman Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011
Phone:  (973) 478-8686
E-mail:  [email protected]

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