Game Carcass Spreader:

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Game Carcass Spreader:

When dressing a hunted animal, the ribs must be held open to allow air to get in.  This prevents the meat from spoiling.  The Game Carcass Spreader holds open the ribs of an animal, allowing for easy dressing, butchering and cooling of the animal.

This particular carcass spreader is adjustable, meaning that it can be used on small game as well as large game.  As the above diagram illustrates, one of the spreader arms is fixed (the left one) while the other one (the right one) is adjustable.  The adjustable spreader arm uses a ratchet motion to spread the arms far enough so that the ribs can be easily spread.  A raised stopper is provided to prevent the ratchet lever from sliding off the crossbar. 

The spikes on each arm allow for easy spreading of the ribs. Prior art reveals that there have been 4 other carcass spreaders created. Some of the problems with those carcass spreaders include:

By comparison, the Game Carcass Spreader has the convenience, simplicity and versatility demanded by hunters. It allows the user to field dress the animal with a minimum amount of effort and mess. In addition, it is inexpensive to produce, light-weight and easy to use.

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