Hygenix Men's Anti-Splashback Asymmetrical Urinal:  U.S. Patent # 5,027,448

Wall-mounted version of the Anti-Splashback Urinal:

Full-height version of the Anti-Splashback Urinal -- two separate views: 

Anti-Splashback Urinal:

Most men, when they use a urinal, splash all over themselves. Why has the basic design of men's urinals NOT changed in the past 100 years, until now? 

The asymmetrical design of the Anti-Splashback Urinal eliminates splashback, reduces the spread of germs and is very pleasing to the eye. It can accommodate a large variety of decors. Lucrative markets include:

The Anti-Splashback Urinal has a pair of vertically-oriented sidewalls which are connected along the rear edges to form a V-shaped wall. The surface area slopes downward toward the apex of the V-shaped configuration. The bottom wall has a drain opening at the bottom.

In a professional market study conducted recently on the Anti-Splashback Urinal, revealed the following results:

Radio City Music Hall (New York City) has expressed interest in purchasing some Anti-Splashback Urinals as soon as they are on the market.

Both the wall-mounted urinal and the full-height urinal are available for license. For information on acquiring this product, or to hear a taped endorsement by Dr. Dean Edell, please contact:

Inventor:  Bruce Wilkins, P.O. Box 1732, Lakeville, CT 06039
Phone:  (860) 672-1144
[email protected]

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