Retractable Garden Hose:  U.S. Patent Number # 5,678,596

The Retractable Garden Hose is a self-retracting garden hose system. The main unit consists of a spring loaded hose reel inside of a sealed enclosure. This enclosure is installed in a basement or a garage adjacent to the exterior wall. On the outside of the home or building, there is a small enclosure, which holds the water on/off valve and the end of the garden hose. When the hose is needed, simply open the lid, turn on the water, and begin walking the hose off the reel. When you are done with the hose, a simple tug releases the spring-wound reel and you walk the hose back to the unit. Turn off the water and close the lid. It's just that simple. Never again will you wrestle that long, heavy garden hose on that silly, cheaply-made hand crank again.

The Retractable Garden Hose offers many advantages: 

1.    Because the high quality hose is actually stored indoors at all times, it is not exposed to sunlight, temperature changes and other elements which reduce hose life.

2.    When it's time to reel in your hose, the stored energy in the hose reel spring DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.

3.    Because the hose is installed indoors, there is no need to worry about freezing hoses and plumbing pipes. It can be used with cold or hot water all year round.

4.    And the best part, no more ugly garden hose, twisted and knotted hanging from your beautiful home or building.

The people who really love this unit the most are homebuilders and architects. The inventor has had builders tell him that once these units hit the market, they would put 2 of them in every home they build -- one in the front of the house and one in the back of the house. Why? Because they know potential buyers would love the idea. Without the Retractable Garden Hose, it is common to see beautiful $3 million homes with dirty old hoses piled up next to the house. This eyesore hasn't changed in 100 years. Isn't it time to change that?

It is also a great product for the do-it-yourselfer. It's easy to install in an existing home or building in no time.

Inventor:  Rich Corallo
Phone:  (631) 547-0528