Blind Spot Side Mirror:  U.S. Patent # 5,500,766

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The Blind Spot Side Mirror eliminates a vehicle's blind spots without distorting images, and eliminates blinding headlights from approaching vehicles.

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Blind Spot Side Mirror:

When changing traffic lanes, the inventor has had several near accidents because the area slightly to the rear and side of his vehicle (known as the blind spot) was not visible. The blind spot area could only be seen by turning his head, which caused him to lose sight of forward traffic.

When driving at night, lights reflecting in the side mirrors from rear approaching vehicles make driving uncomfortable and hazardous. Flipping the inside mirror to night position eliminated glare from the inside mirror, but glare from the outside mirror is still blinding, unless the mirror is adjusted to an area where it is of no use. Curved mirrors for the blind spot leave a distorted image with the position of the other vehicle unknown.

The Blind Spot Side Mirror eliminates blind spots to the side and rear of a vehicle without distorting images, and it also eliminates blinding night lights from rear approaching vehicles. The undistorted image is accomplished with flat mirrors to give a true relation of other vehicles' position. By adding a day/night side mirror, the blinding night lights will be eliminated.

The Blind Spot Side Mirror has two mirrors in a common outer shell. One mirror, mounted above the other is a day/night mirror, imaging the area to the rear. A second mirror images the area, commonly referred to as the blind spot. Mirrors, of the Blind Spot Side Mirror assembly, in conjunction with the inside mirror, images any vehicle in the rear or side, until a driver's peripheral vision can see the vehicle.

When using the blind spot side mirror, in conjunction with the inside mirror, a driver will see a regular rear view and the blind spot area, without making adjustment or bringing another mirror into vision, while leaving the forward traffic visible.

Within a common outer shell, each mirror is independent of the other, with its own adjustment control. The independent controls allow the driver to adjust the mirrors for his/her field of view. The mirror controls are the same standard controls presently used, but adapted to the Blind Spot Side Mirror. Controls may be remote electrical, remote cable, mechanical linkage, or direct hand. The day/night mirror has an additional control to position the mirror for night driving, as well as for day driving.

The mirrors will be mounted in the outer shell, off set (rotated) from each other by twelve (12), plus or minus ten (10) degrees. The reason for the off set tolerance is: all vehicles will not have the same relation of driver to mirror, and will allow the mirror to be adaptable to any vehicle. The top of the outer shell will extend beyond the mirrors for a distance equal to two (2) times the height (more or less) of the day/night mirror. This extension will prevent overhead objects and night lights from showing a double or ghost image. The shape and size of the remaining part of the outer shell and mounting base shall be determined by the manufacturer in order to match the contour of any vehicle.

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