"Roll-A-Bath" Combination Portable Sofa and Bathing Unit:  U.S. Patent # 5,386,599

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The Combination Portable Sofa and Bathing Unit: 

This portable bathing unit is used for bathing bedridden patients, and it converts into a sofa. The portable bathing unit includes a bathtub supported by a housing which can be moved close to a patient.  Casters on the bottom of the portable bathing unit allow it to be rolled in an upright position. Additional casters are also attached to the rear of the unit to allow it to be turned up on its rear and transported through narrow doorways. Water delivery and retrieval may be accomplished through the use of a submersible pump and a tube or pipe.  Water delivery and retrieval may also be accomplished through the use of an auxiliary faucet, connected to an existing plumbing system.

A hydro-therapeutic bath tub may be used if desired. Also, the bath tub may incorporate an overflow assembly in order to reduce the risk of water overflowing. When the bath tub is not in use, the portable bathing unit can be converted into a sofa or other piece of furniture. The housing forms armrests and a backrest, and a cover conceals the bathing chamber and forms a seat. A valance drapes around the bottom of the carriage to conceal the casters underneath. It should be noted that the casters elevate the housing so as to permit the legs of a hoist to pass underneath and permit the boom of the hoist to extend over the bath chamber. 

The combination portable sofa and bathing unit is available for sale or license.

Inventor:  Floyd Cartwright, 310 Gelpi Dr., Lake Charles, LA 70601
Phone:  (337) 439-2137

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