The "G-Ring" barber's protective ring for haircare professionals, is a new invention available for sale:  U.S. Patent # 5,991,918

The G-Ring is a fashionable and functionally-designed safety device for hair stylists and barbers of every skill level. The main benefit is that it solves the problem of getting cut by the scissors when you are cutting hair. Let's face it, every barber and hair stylist has cut themselves at one time or another. The G-Ring prevents this from happening, and with safety in the workplace and healthcare premiums rising, this is more important than ever.

The G-Ring's anatomical design gives you complete comfort and freedom of movement, without interfering with cutting the hair. Its fashionable design makes it look like it is jewelry when you use it. Best of all, the production cost for the plastic rings is only 25 cents per ring, yet the retail can be as high as $10 per ring! 

Benefits of the G-Ring:

The G-Ring protects the front of your hand ...

as well as the back of your hand ...

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The inventor is looking to sell rights to the"G-Ring" barber's protective ring

Inventor:  Brian Choate
Phone:  (773) 294-9227
  [email protected]