Word Isolating Educational Tool:  U.S. Patent # 7,056,122

The Word Isolator is an innovative assistance tool that helps people of all ages, especially our youth, learn to isolate the syllables of a word. It assists teachers in the school systems and others, providing an aid while performing the reading process. This tool isolates syllables of a word so that they can be sounded out, making the pronunciation of the word easier. 


The Word Isolator is helpful to school districts (where it's especially useful for beginning readers), special needs individuals with their reading, immigration departments, and many others. It helps the user have a better understanding of a correctly pronounced word, helping to build reading confidence.


It works by placing the product over a word, with the slide panel in the closed position. The slide is then opened just enough to expose the first syllable of that word. This syllable can now be sounded out before moving on to the next syllable of that word. This process is continued until the entire word has been sounded out and pronounced! 


Easy to assemble




Item Dimensions:
Item Thickness:
2" x 3" long
.01 gauge thickness, and made of plastic
50 Word Isolating Educational Tools for $362.50 (Bulk orders = savings)
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