Portable Automatic Golf Ball Teeing Device

The Portable Automatic Golfball Teeing Device places a golf ball on the tee automatically after each ball is hit, eliminating the need for the practice golfer to stoop over and place a ball onto the tee one at a time.

The Portable Automatic Golf ball Teeing Device is portable and lightweight. It can easily be designed in the shape of a miniature golf bag and attached to the golfers main golf bag. The device can be operated using a/c or d/c current and may run through several hundred cycles before requiring the battery to be recharged.

It can accommodate approximately 3 - 4 dozen golf balls and has a unique feature that eliminates any type of ball jams. This simple design also guarantees 100% accuracy and placement of the golf ball onto the tee without a misfire and is height-adjustable for the various range mat and tee sizes.

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee.

Inventor:  Stephen Tomey
[email protected] 

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