Interactive Security System for sale or license: 

This alarm system will change the security-alarm landscape forever. Do you ever feel like criminals need some real hurdles to confront? To criminals, actions speak louder than words or cameras. This unique and revolutionary invention is a ceiling-mounted device that sprays intruders with a deterrent such as cayenne pepper or tear gas. This can be actuated by an on-site trip or via a remote security attendant. Sirens, photography and other identifiers such as scent and dye can be used by this invention.

Use of this invention would be ideal to deter criminals/terrorists in airports, banks, casinos, late-night convenience stores, warehouses, shopping malls, jewelry stores, parking garages, prisons and government installations.

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Pictured above, is one concept of many, which can be used in the final product. Claim #6 of 16 in the patent allows for usage in vehicles such as airplanes, buses, trains, taxis, subways, tunnels, armored trucks and prisoner transports." Claim #13 allows for usage of pop-out objects such as TASER.

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