The "Grappler" Animal Control Leash:  U.S. Patent  # 5,732,661

Professionally engineered, the Grappler Animal Control Leash for Dogs is designed to control a dog in a confrontational situation. It consists of a regular dog leash with a grappling component attached, and is designed to easily receive a person's fingers without slipping. The leash is quickly grasped and the animal is easily controlled. No more painfully looping the leash around the hand or fumbling for something to grasp. There are no mechanical parts to break. This device has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, and it is suitable for handlers of any age or size. The Grappler is available for sale or licensing.

The strap may be made of leather, rubber or other tightly woven or elastic material:

Close-up view of the "grappling" component, 
with its ridges and grooves:

The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Karen Lagro 

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