The TOP SHELF for flat screen TVs is available for sale or license:
Registered U.S. Copyright Office # 1-828-852. Patent Pending



This model is 6" deep ...

... while this one is 13" deep

      Gives you a place to display your favorite knickknacks on top of your new flat screen TV as you used to do on your old TV. It mounts in less than a minute without any tools.

The TOP SHELF comes in different shelf  lengths and widths making it ideal for a wide list of accessories from Extra Speakers, Remote Controls, DVD Recorder/Player, Cable Boxes to Seasonal Decor. The advantage of having a shelf above the TV makes all the DVD / Blu-Ray controls at eye level and easier to use. Adjustable supports makes the TOP SHELF adaptable for many different sizes of TV frames from 21" to 31  high including the mounting base.

The TOP SHELF is constructed  of all steel, powder coated for long lasting  protection  and held in place by two brackets that extend under the TV stand  using the weight of  the TV to hold it in position. The shelf rests on top of the TV frame and makes it appear as part of the TV.

* Eye level viewing of accessories

* Display all your favorite knickknacks on your Flat Screen TV

* Simple to attach in less than a minute without any tools 

* All steel construction, Powder Coated for durability

* Beautiful High Gloss Black finish

* Extra wide shelf for DVD players and Blu-Ray Disc player 


12" long  x 6 wide  $70.00 12 long  x 13  wide $ 75.00
24 long  x 6 wide  $75.00 24 long  x 13 wide  $ 80.00
30 long  x 6 wide  $80.00   30 long  x 13 wide  $ 85.00
36 long  x 6 wide  $85.00   36 long  x 13 wide  $ 90.00

Please add $7.95 for Shipping and Handling Charges

Please contact:
The Innovators Company, 708 Edgewood Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: 414-762-9432 

Email: [email protected]
Made In America

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