Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go" is a new invention available for license:  U.S. Patent # 5,080,381

The trays on the above models can be raised and lowered.

Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go:"


When servicing an engine, a mechanic faces the constant challenge of finding and retrieving tools.

New car designs are getting more complex each day, and the "under the hood" situation for the mechanic becomes more difficult, dangerous and uncomfortable. In view of this, the worker often tries to improvise an auxiliary table into a work table. This does not solve the multitude of problems that they are constantly faced with. The current rolling or stationery table can only be placed on one side of the work area, leaving the mechanic out of reach of the required tools, parts, nuts and bolts, etc. 

This practice always jeopardizes the fine paint finishes of the vehicles. In many cases, the rolling table has produced damage to the side of the vehicle when it is pushed close to the vehicle in an attempt to reduce space between car and tools. They also risk damaging finished surfaces by laying tools temporarily on top of them to keep them handy as they work. Another source of paint scratches and damage is the electrical cord of the portable light and/or the hose that carries the compressed air. These hoses are dragged as they rest over the fenders, often causing paint damage.


In order to address these problems, B.P. Technologies, Inc. has designed and developed a new multi purpose tool tray Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go." This device successfully solves all these problems by conveniently allowing the mechanic to easily have access to his tools and a place to put disassembled parts for easy retrieval.

The Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go" is a devise that replaces the need for an accessory parts and tools holding area. This tray adjusts comfortably into the hood of any automobile providing valuable convenience to the user.

The Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go" comes equipped with a 60-watt maximum lamp and compressed air supply for pneumatic tools.

The Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go" works perfectly 
in the home, the shop and when attached to a wall:


Benefits over the service cart:

The Market: The Multi-Purpose Tool Tray "Easy-Go" is ideal in the 3 markets:

Automobiles and light trucks:


Heavy trucks and construction equipment:




Each market can be pursued both in the U.S. and internationally.

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