Sander Sucker Adapter Kit: U.S. Patent # 5,540,616

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Sander Sucker Adapter Kit:

The function of the Sander Sucker Adapter Kit is to solve a long-standing problem encountered by painters and those who work with dry wall material.  The problem with the current methods is that it is necessary to sand ceilings and walls with some sort of "sanding pole device" before a final finish is applied.  This process generates an incredible amount of fine dust and residue that covers operator and everything else in the surrounding area.  It is time-consuming and expensive to remove the residue.  In addition, the warning labels on joint compound elements indicate that they may cause cancer.  Obviously, the residue escapes into the atmosphere.  Even the most diligent clean-up efforts cannot eliminate all of the pollutants.

The Sander Sucker Adapter Kit is designed to be used with the above-mentioned "sanding pole device," which is the tool that professional dry wallers and painters use.  The Sander Sucker Adapter Kit is simply a vacuum attachment that is used in conjunction with a standard or shop vacuum system, eliminating dust and residue when using the "sanding pole device."

In short, the Sander Sucker Adapter Kit is a snap-on, easy-to-use kit designed to cut costs for professional painters and dry wallers.   It eliminates the necessity of respirators, goggles and protective clothing that are presently required.  It also simplifies the process for the home owner and the "do-it-yourselfer."

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