The Only "Breathing Tennis Racket" in the World: U.S. Patent # 6,149,538 with 16 illustrations with 29 claims

The Only "Breathing Tennis Racket in the World:"

All racket sports players have trouble controlling sweat that accumulates in their palms when they play matches. Tennis "Stars" are often seen cooling their racket hand by blowing air onto their palms between volleys or wiping their hands and toweling off. Built-up heat and sweat results in loss of grip control, less racket control, and inflammation of palm surfaces. It has been impossible to keep one’s palms cool and dry throughout play. UNTIL NOW.

The revolutionary racket handle keeps a player’s hand cool and dry throughout matches. Using two air scoops, cool air is constantly forced to the inside of the handle and into the palm of the racket hand. This happens with each and every forward stroke of the racket, AND equally as well with every backward stroke, insuring a constant flow of cooling air into the user’s palm. Less sweat, a cooler hand, and much-improved grip control is the result. On the long run, this "cool" concept will produce much better matches and happier tennis players.

Best of all, this major innovation can be manufactured as part of ALL racket sports handles including those for tennis, badminton, racquetball, and squash. As allowed by the patent, this exciting innovation can even be built into hammers, picks and hatchets. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, manufacturer or distributor interested in being a part of the next tennis equipment success story, this is a GRAND OPPORTUNITY to become one of the Big Boys in rackets.

Regarding the Illustration: 

This is a tennis racket in mid-stroke forcing cooled air into the forward scoop. The air is blasted to the inside of the handle, then to the tennis player’s holding hand, keeping it cool throughout the match. On the return stroke, the second air scoop on the opposing side grabs air as in the forward stroke, endlessly continuing the cooling process while the racket is in use. The racket becomes a natural air conditioner for the hand.

This continuous air circulation also keeps the actual structure of the racket handle from heat and sweat buildup throughout each game. The innovation ‘inhales’ and ‘exhales’ air as we ourselves do.

The two air scoops are 1" x 1" each. A tennis player’s full swing of the racket is an average is 5 ft. [60"]. Therefore a total of [1" x 1" x 60"] = 60 CUBIC inches of air is blasted into the palm of the tennis player with each forward stroke. Plus another 60 CUBIC inches is blown into the hand with each return stroke of the racket. Cool, huh?

Inventor:  Oliver Tiuro, President, Grand Designs, 50 Etta Wylie Rd.; Unit 503, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8V 3Z7
Phone:  (416) 252-9644 

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