Pin Point Putter:  U.S. Patent # 5,709,611

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Pin Point Putter:

The Pin-Point-Putter is a putter with a retractable club-alignment device for helping a golfer hit the sweet spot of the golf ball, with the optimum sweet spot on the face of the golf club head and at the proper angle. The Pin-Point-Putter uses an extension pin mounted through the optimum spot on the club face which extends from the face of the club head. This provides the golfer with a 3-dimensional alignment perspective. The golfer uses the pin to line up the putter with the sweet spot of the ball and then proceeds with a normal swing as if the extension pin was not there. The extension pin is free-floating, and therefore fully retracts as the club and ball make contact AND DOES NOT affect the trajectory of the golf ball.

Inventor:  Dominic Intag
Phone:  (314) 843-9261

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