Aerobic Golf Cart with Pedals:

The Aerobic Golf Cart is the golf cart that you pedal: 

Aerobic Golf Cart with Pedals:

For many golfers, exercise is an important part of playing golf, but not everyone is able to walk the entire course. The Aerobic Golf Cart provides a healthy alternative to golfers who cannot walk the golf course but still want to get some exercise in. It looks like a regular golf cart, but the Aerobic Golf Cart is different from a typical golf cart because it allows you to pedal, so that you get some exercise while riding. 

The Aerobic Golf Cart also has a power assist motor as a backup power source, in case the rider gets tired or needs a boost getting up hills. Just as people use their golf carts for transportation on their property when they're not playing golf, the Aerobic Golf Cart can also be used for transportation, while providing the rider with the ability to exercise.

In addition to being ideal for the millions of Americans who play golf each year, the Aerobic Golf Cart is also ideal for older people, for people who have foot problems and for people who just simply need more exercise. Preliminary market research has indicated a strong desire for the Aerobic Golf Cart. A test vehicle has been developed. 

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