Waste Water Carrier:  U.S. Patent #6,193,124

The Waste Water Carrier relates to portable waste water holding tanks used for recreational vehicles and a method of transporting tanks to the dump station. It fits a standard two-inch hitch receiver and can be adapted to tow bars. The Waste Water Carrier means that there's no need to unhook and go to a dump station or pay high Honey Bucket fees. You can stay in parks with no sewer hook-ups. It has been demonstrated and tested in R.V. parks and is getting excellent reviews from R.V. stores. It has been rated as a sellable item. We are looking for a company to license, manufacture and market it. E-mail or call us!

Inventor:  Donald L. Wilson, 5606 South Thomson, Tacoma, WA 98408. Phone: (253) 474-5054
[email protected]