The Archi-Scrench Tool:


Product History, Target Marget & Profit Statement:

The Archiscrench is a multi-functional tool. It can be used as:

History Of The Archiscrench:

The Archiscrench was born as solid piece of stainless steel with a hexagonal shaped hole at the end to be used as a wrench to tighten vertical files. After much design and re-design, it has been perfected into the tool you see before you. Every student, architect, engineer and contractor use drafting scales. Even in these computerized times, there is still a great need for drafting scales. All offices have printed or "hard copies" of their projects for quick reference. The contractors and engineers in the field building the projects also have hard copies for quick reference. These professionals also need a place to file these hard copies. Vertical files as manufactured by Plan Hold, Safco or others are a very common filing solution found in most of these offices, and especially construction trailers.

A major design flaw with these vertical files is that if they are not adequately hand tightened, large sets of documents very often rip from them when hung vertically. The Archiscrench is also designed as a wrench to tighten the vertical file and eliminate this problem. Everyone, including myself, in these fields has experienced this problem on many occasions and usually uses a pair of heavy pliers or the handle of a pair of scissors. Both are bulky and dangerous and cannot fit in your shirt pocket like The Archiscrench.


The Archiscrench is most effective when made from aluminum or stainless steel. It can be made of high density plastic as a cheaper alternative and still function as a wrench. It can be made overseas for about $0.50 each.

Market Research:

The Archiscrench can be used by any architectural, engineering or construction firm, in the office and in the field. Many large medical and educational facilities often have "in-house" design departments that also use drafting scales and vertical files. It can also be used by any design or construction product representative as a promotional item. Itís a product that is needed by every design and construction professional. Itís small, inexpensive, and durable and looks great! Many of these product representatives common hand out imprinted plastic scales promoting their company. These often get lost or never used because itís a cheap product.

Of the design and construction professionals surveyed, 80% said they use vertical files and would have a need for this type of tool. Of those surveyed that donít use vertical files, 87% said they would purchase it for use as a scale if the price were comparable to other drafting scales. As for the product representative, 94% said they would use it as a promotional item, also if the price were right. 


In small quantities, The Archiscrench can be purchased wholesale for a few dollars. In large quantities, it can be manufactured for pennies. On average, The Archiscrench has been sold at retail for $9.00 -- $12.00. That means that there is a potential markup of anywhere from 200% or more.


The Archiscrench has multiple functions. Students, architects, engineers, contractors and industry product representatives can use it. Itís lightweight, durable, has a classy appearance and can fit in a shirt pocket. There is a huge profit potential of more than triple an original investment. Best of all, multiple units would probably be purchased by most offices.

Inventor:  Michael Buonocore, 51 Thompson Street, Milford, CT 06460
Phone:  (203) 876-7558
[email protected]

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