Boat Docking Product:  U.S. Patent # 6,109,198

Patented new boating invention for sale or license:

The new Boat Docking Product is used for a boat having an oarlock. The Boat Docking Product provides a safe, secure method of docking a boat by oneself. It can be sold directly to boat manufacturers or to boat owners. It is faster and more convenient than ropes and straps, which can become tangled or difficult to manage when docking. 

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Boat Docking Product:

Fast and easy to use, the Boat Docking Product is especially useful when docking a boat by oneself. The inventor and others have used prototypes of the device successfully for more than two years and they work great every time. 

Boat manufacturers can offer the Boat Docking Product as a standard or optional boating accessory on new boats. Expected retail price is $15 – $20 as an add-on accessory.

To license this new automotive accessory, or for more information, please contact:

Mrs. Howard Hintz:  (517) 423-2507 
E-mail:  [email protected]

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