"Aerobike" Exercise Device and Auxiliary Power Unit For Use With Bicycle:  U.S. Patent #: 5,431,614

"Aerobike" turns a conventional bike into an amazing mobile exercising machine. The handle bars are used to power the bike's front wheel with a two way pumping motion while the rear wheel is powered by conventional foot motion. Between the two sources of power, the bike can go faster and uphill grades are easier to climb. The double pumping action of the handle bars give the arms and upper body a good workout plus getting an added bonus of front wheel drive. Both front and rear are free wheeling. "Aerobike" can also be mounted on two stands with friction rollers as an indoor exercise machine. A prototype has been tested extensively and works perfectly.

Inventor:  Richard C. Jeranson
Phone:  (763) 571-9732
E-mail:  DJeranson@aol.com

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