Eccentric Sighter:

The bench rest, or standard sighter, has only 2 moving parts:
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Pictured in black, below, is the light-weight sighter, to be taken into the field:
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Eccentric Sighter:

There has to be a better way to sight-in firearms than the vertical wooden block, with a round notch on top. They are usually too tall or too short.  The Eccentric Sighter has been designed with the Bench rest shooter, the hunter, the pistol shooter, and the field Sportsman in mind.  During "open house" at most gun clubs, the hunter can come in, set up, and try his or her firearm, to see if it still shoots straight, then leave.

Having only two moving parts, the Eccentric Sighter will give that shooter a quick, adjustable sight picture in less than three seconds; there are many choices of elevations available with a twist of the wrist, made by "up" or "down" movements of the rotating spool.  Retail price is $39.50

Inventor:  William D. Brass, 18890 S.W. Wedgefield Lane, Aloha, OR 97007
Phone: (503) 642-2854

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