Kar-Plow Lightweight Snowplow available for license:  U.S. Patent # 6,240,658


Kar-plow :

The Kar-plow is a "V" shaped plastic snowplow that can easily be attached to any vehicle. The snowplow weighs about 35 lbs. and attaches onto a mounting device that is similar to a bicycle rack and is secured to the front end of the vehicle with four straps. The mounting device can be attached or detached within a few minutes. The snowplow can clear a path about six feet wide. The plastic blades of the snowplow are flexible to prevent jarring the vehicle if you hit the curb or any imperfections in your driveway. The product will not damage your lawn and folds up for easy storage.

The Kar-plow is simple to use; just plow a path down the middle of your driveway, back-up using the same path, and then plow the left and right side of your driveway using only half the snowplow. The snowplow is tilted back at an angle to dig in while moving forward and will float over the snow when going backwards. The product is designed to funnel snow away from the vehicle and can handle up to twelve inches of snow. It takes less than ten minutes to clear a 100' long by 20' wide driveway. This product works well on any type of driveway surface.

Now, you can be inside your vehicle staying warm and listening to the radio, instead of being outside battling the wind, snow, and cold winter weather.

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee

Inventor:  Greg Knutson, 10708 Glen Eagle Road, St. Paul Paul, MN 55129
Phone:  (651) 714-1469

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