"Koodels " Moist Heat / Cool Pet Pad for Cats and Dogs:   U.S. Patent # 6,796,996

Heat it / Cool it / Pets it! TM


"Koodels " Moist Heating / Cooling Pet Pad for Cats and Dogs:

Koodels is the first moist heating / cooling pet pad. Used as a "heating pad" or "cold pack" for ANY pet, it offers numerous options in size, color and use. Some of the benefits of Koodels include:

Koodels was developed by the inventor as a way to support her Kid Angel Foundation, and a percentage of every sale goes to support this important cause. 

This is what the inside looks like:

This is what the outside looks like:

Koodels comes in two sizes: 10" x 10" and 10" x 20". 
There are a total of 5 different flow chambers that are patent pending and we are only showing two on this page.



Its a fact that people love their pets! In 2001, according to the pet manufacturers association, Americans spent an estimated $28.5 billion dollars on their dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, birds and fish. The industry is growing at 8-15% per year. The US estimates its pet population at 353 million, 68 million dogs and 73 million cats alone. There is the proof in the pudding! Now, why would pet owners and professionals buy Koodels ? Its a CREATURE COMFORT!

Pet owners at times suffer from tremendous guilt on making sure that their pet is kept as comfortable as possible. Lets look at all the states in the US that have extremely cold winters and ALL the pets that are forced to sleep in basements and garages even in houses that are not kept that warm due to the rising of energy prices. Wouldnt a Koodels bring joy to the Owner and the pet by owning one or more and being able to warm it up at the pets bedtime and giving it comfort while getting to sleep? Actually the Owners would be warming it up more that just at bedtime. Those winter days are cold too!

Now what about the pets that get so anxious when they know their owner is leaving for the day and their home alone. Alas, Koodels the first of its kind "pet pacifier"! Warm up your Koodels just before leaving the home and bingo your pet is calmed and relaxed by the therapeutic moist heat of Koodels .

According to APPMA, 30% of pets have arthritis. What do veterinarians advise pet owners to do to relief the pain of arthritis? Use any form of HEAT! Cancer in pets is also skyrocketing, again moist heat is the answer to relief the pain experienced by the stricken animal.

Simply warm up your Koodels in your microwave (2/4 minutes) or conventional oven (15/20 minutes/low setting) depending on your pets heat tolerance and you have the answer to pets that are cold intolerant or pets who suffer from anxiety. Also, will ease pain associated with sore muscles, tension, stress and arthritis.

Along with summer comes the warmer weather and it means more time spend outdoors for your pet. One of the most serious summer emergencies is heatstroke, which can cause permanent damage to your pets internal organs or even death.

Heatstroke occurs when your pets body temperature gets too high. In speaking to various veterinarians in different parts of the U.S. depending on what state the pet resides in has determined the amount of cases seen each summer in veterinarian offices.

Reasons why pets get heatstroke:

WE HAVE A PRODUCT THAT SOLVES THE PROBLEM! A cooled Koodels is the solution! Leave it in your freezer for an hour or even overnight and your ready to answer any and all challenges your pet may have with summer heat.

Will reduce swelling associated with any injury, is an excellent tool for post-op animals.

KOODELS is totally organic in nature, earth friendly and completely non-toxic. Will not harm your pet in any way!

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Here's what the Pro's have to say:

Beverly Boccino; Owner, Pets Uptown, San Diego, CA -- "By using warm Koodels in pet cages, pets are more relaxed and not whining or crying all the time. It gives them a feeling of safety."

Miguel Espinosa -- DVM, The Pet Hospital of La Mesa -- "My office has found that by placing a moist "Koodel" down on the metal examining table and placing the pet on it has eliminated the pets shivering from the coldness of the table and it puts them in a much more relaxed state. It's made our job much easier."

Kendra Ennis; Head Technical Administrator, Hillcrest Animal Center -- "We are regularly asked how to stop family pets from barking or meowing when leaving them alone. This product does the job. It's warm and clearly relieves pet's anxiety of being left alone in the house."

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Koodels is currently available for license AND for retail sale. To order Koodels for your personal use, please visit our web page: http://www.koodels.com 

Inventor:  Barbara Antinoro, P.O. Box 3034, San Diego, CA 92163-1034
Phone:  (619) 293-3155

Toll Free:  (877) 583-3254

FAX:  (775) 255-4126
E-mail:  [email protected]

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