Single Vent Evaporative Cooler Diffuser Clap is a new invention available for license:

The Single Vent Evaporative Cooler Diffuser Clap is a frame that has a top and bottom section connected together by a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other. The bottom frame on the top (please see Picture # 6) has a channel so that the diffuser can sit in the frame and be held securely and the top frame (Picture # 2) has some holes to secure the clamp to the ceiling. This product's primary use is to make it easier to do maintenance on the swamp coolers vent diffuser, such as cleaning the vent or removing and installing the pillow or insulation to close the vent off. The plan is to increase safety and decrease the time it takes to do what seems like a simple chore.

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Inventor:  Steven Wilkerson
Phone:  (801) 746-9819
[email protected]