"Magnetic Occasions" Decoration for Garage Doors: 

Notice how Magnetic Occasions make a typical garage door come alive:

The "Magnetic Occasions" Decoration Is A Newly-Designed 
Seasonal Home Decoration.



The "Magnetic Occasions"Decoration Is A Newly-Designed 
Seasonal Home Decoration.

Mechanical Description:
The Magnetic Occasions would be a line of letters and decals, each having a magnetic backing that would allow them to be placed onto a metal garage door to decorate the outside of the home. The letters or decals would be made available in a wide variety of seasonal themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.) and for use on specific occasions (birthdays, team sports, anniversaries, etc.). As an option, Magnetic Occasions could be designed with solar or battery powered letters or decals, with an integrated audio system, with differently sized letters and decals, with varying colors and designs, including glow-in-the-dark, and could incorporate or include pictures to match the theme. 

In use, the user would simply place the letters and/or decals of Magnetic Occasions on his/her garage door as needed, depending on the specific holiday or occasion. After use, the magnetic letters or decals would be easily removed from the door and stored for future use.

Inventor Comments:
Most new homes are built with steel garage doors that face the street. What a great place to express your feelings. As an unused billboard. I was looking for something different, besides what everyone else had, such as lighting or yard displays.

Need for the Product:
Clearly, by providing a fast and easy way to decorate metal doors or surfaces, this product is likely to garner widespread market interest. Convenient and easy to use, Magnetic Occasions will introduce household consumers to a whole new world of outdoor decorating. 

Inventor's Suggested Production Material:
The Magnetic Occasions would be fabricated from plastic and magnetic material.

Basic Demographics: *

Retail Outlets:

Grocery Stores             215,436
Seasonal /Misc. Retail   175,050
Gift & Novelty Shops   116,919
Drug Stores                  53,308
Hardware Stores          43,548
Lawn & Garden Supply  42,629
Variety Stores              25,393
Department Stores       19,776
Catalogue & Mail Order 19,072
Misc. General Mdse.    12,006

* Dun's Census of American Business: 1998, ISN-0196-8610, ISN-1-56203-472-3 Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

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