"Power Box" Fully Retractable Extension Cord:  U.S. Patent #: 5,593,316  

The PowerBox is a fully retractable extension cord in a box that solves the never-ending problem of untangling extension cords. The PowerBox is designed so that the male cord extends / recoils to the electrical outlet while the female cord(s) extends / recoils in any direction to where electricity is needed. 

The PowerBox offers convenience and can be used anywhere traditional extension cords are used. The PowerBox is designed to be portable, unlike most of the retractable cords that are currently on the market which require the unit to be mounted 12-16 inches from an outlet. The PowerBox saves time in the setup (untangling) and the putting away (winding) of extension cords because all cords (male / female) are fully retractable.  

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Below are photos of a couple of prototypes that the inventor has built � they all work great! Click on the Power Point link above to see what is considered to be the best �consumer� design for this product. The manufacturer's price for the PowerBox will be variable as it will depend on the length of cord in the module, the gauge wire used (amp rating), and the recoil mechanism capacity (light duty vs. heavy duty). What this means is that the actual selling price per module can vary also (i.e. 30� 16 gauge module vs. 50� 12 gauge module). 

Lastly, I had my idea evaluated by an independent, third party company and it received an 89 score out of 105. The inventors has a catalog retailer wanting to put it in their catalogs as soon as the actual product is produced. Everyone who has seen the PowerBox wants one for themselves. So, the PowerBox will sell; all that is needed is to find the people who have the resources to produce and distribute the PowerBox and make a lot of money in the process. Again, the PowerBox is available for licensing; please see the contact information below. 

Prototype A:

Prototype B:

The inventor is looking for a manufacturer or a licensee

Inventor:  Terry Lyons
Phone:  (952) 457-8171
[email protected]  

Below are larger images of the above pictures:

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