Triple Brush Gum Blaster:  U.S. Patent # 5,974,614

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Triple Brush Gum Blaster:

The Triple Brush Gum Blaster is a newly-improved, portable battery-operated toothbrush which allows the user to brush the teeth and gums simultaneously while using a minimal forward and backward arm stroke, and minimize the time required for dental hygiene. The toothbrush consists of three brushes, one inner and two outer sets of bristles. The outer brushes are designed to fit over the upper and lower gum area to clean, stimulate and massage the entire gum. This promotes blood circulation throughout the gum area and reduces plaque, thereby preventing the occurrence of gum disease.

The middle brush incorporates a toothpaste delivery system and cleans the tooth enamel. More specifically, the three brushes move in a horizontal direction. The two outer brushes move in sync to clean the gums with the middle brush moving in a reverse horizontal direction cleaning the tooth enamel. The Triple Brush Gum Blaster is patented and available for licensing. For information, please contact me at the above address.

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Inventor:  Keith B. Ross, 13275 South St. Lawrence, Chicago, IL 60827
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