Market Launchers helps inventors by listing their inventions on our site's invention database, building web pages for them, and coaching them through the licensing process.

Market Launchers has recently teamed up with Gary Kellmann and his company, KDK Consumer Products, to help inventors an small businesses with their prototyping, engineering and manufacturing needs. Email MarketLaunchers' president, Paul Niemann, for details: [email protected]

Market Launchers' president, Paul Niemann, has recently been selected as the new Director of Operations for the United Inventors Association:

"Our product has picked up steam since we have been on your website. We've had interest from Cabela's, West Marine, Plews & Edelman, and we just received a message from the casting department of SHARK TANK!!
-- Gene Keough, MarketLaunchers customer and inventor of The Drill Paddle. 

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