Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:  U.S. Patent # 5,911,524

Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:

This beautifully crafted residential address insignia and welcome light is a must for any residence with an existing wall-mounted porch light, coach light or other type of outdoor light. This device is a dual-bulb system. The first bulb, controlled by a dusk-to-dawn sensor, energizes at dusk, illuminating your residential address, which can be seen at a great distance. When your residence is approached, a second light controlled by a motion sensor, illuminates the area around the entrance. This gives a good view of the area around the entrance to you (if you're inside) or to a person approaching (from the outside). 

Being surprised by someone lurking in the darkness or not having a good view of someone standing at your door is a horrifying experience. But more importantly, when emergency services or night deliveries are needed, every second counts. Not being able to see your address equals loss time and we all agree, in case of an emergency, every second counts. 

An additional benefit of this device is the amount of savings on your electric bill. No necessity of having your outdoor light on all night. The ease of installation and the safety provided by this device outweighs the value of it by far. Many units have been installed, and the functionality and aesthetic look and price, results in very satisfied customers. 

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October 25, 2001