Smoke Detector for Heat Tapes and Portable Heaters:

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In the United States alone, according to the consumer protection safety commission 10-20 deaths a year and ten of  millions of dollars of damage result from over 1,300 fires due to malfunctioning heat tapes. An additional 5,700 fires, 280 deaths and hundreds of millions dollars are lost due to portable heaters.

Here are a few of the potential fire hazards in homes today:

The Solution?

The Smoke Detector for Heat Tapes and Portable Heaters plugs into an electrical outlet for easy use in the home where the portable heater is used or in the attic or crawl space where the heat tape is located. The smoke detector has an outlet on it, in which the heat tape or heater is to be plugged. The presence of smoke sets off the alarm and turns off the power to the heat tape or portable heater. The smoke detector can be equipped with GFCI, ARC, and current limiting for further protection.

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